Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bounce U

  A few weeks ago Joey and I had a play date with some friends of ours, Tabitha, Zeke, and Wyatt, at Bounce U. Basically your typical bounce house place only imagine the "Chuck E Cheese" version of a bounce play. It. Was. Insane. I really don't think there was more than two staff members in the actual bounce rooms and about thirty more kids than there should've been. Plus a birthday party. The kids had a lot of fun though so I'm sure we will go back another time.

Wyatt on the toddler slides

Joey and Zeke

A Texan's take on living in Nevada

So, we did it....we moved to Nevada. Boulder City, Nevada to be exact.

Jason moved out here back in September and Joey and I finally made it out here the first half on January. My amazing {wonderful, awesome, etc.} parents drove for two VERY long days with me and a U-haul truck and helped us unpack a good portion of our stuff. We're still not done yet (I may or may not have a closet full of boxes of books) but everything is slowly getting unpacked. My parents stayed for 3 and a half days before driving to California for a wedding. Jason and I showed them around some and made a trip to see the Hoover Dam, which is less than 10 miles from our house.

 A few other things that have happened since we've been here...

Joey found Mr. Bill

We played dress up with our cousins!

Joey had his Valentine's party at school.

Had a picnic in the park and played baseball
 The only downside of living here I've come across yet is that I've gone through two bottles of lotion in the past month and there is static electricity EVERYWHERE in our house. Doing laundry has become dangerous...especially when taking clothes out of the dryer. I make Jason do that now. Better him than me!
And to all my friends and family...we do look forward to visitors. Just in case you were wondering.